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Why Choose VSP Vision Care?

VSP® Vision Care is committed to providing you access to what you need to keep your eyes healthy - all at low out-of-pocket costs. With a VSP benefit, you'll get a fully covered comprehensive eye exam and discounts on eyewear.

Save Money

Save on prescription glasses and contact lenses. Purchasing corrective eyewear can be costly - even with coupons or discounts. Through VSP, you not only get access to better eye care, but a large selection of stylish eyewear at significant savings.

Stay Healthy

Keep your vision healthy for a lifetime. Eye exams aren't only for people experiencing poor vision. They're an important way to find eye problems before symptoms appear and become more costly to treat. They not only represent an opportunity to protect your vision, but your overall health.

Look Great

No two people are alike - why should their eyewear be? From classic to chic, you'll find the perfect eyewear to fit your style. Choose from a wide selection of lifestyle, performance, and luxury eyewear brands.